Keegan McBride, Ricardo Matheus, Maarja Toots, Tarmo Kalvet, Robert Krimmer
Publication year: 2018

Linked Open Statistical Data (LOSD) and Open Government Data (OGD) are believed to contain the capability to drive the creation of new and innovative public services and provide increased levels of public value. It has also been proposed that these technologies have the potential to change the relationship between traditional public service providers and public service users by allowing any stakeholder to co-create a new service. There is currently a limited amount of empirical work demonstrating how LOSD and OGD may be exploited by non-traditional stakeholders to co-create new data-driven public services. As part of the Horizon2020 funded OpenGovIntelligence (OGI) project, six pilots are being conducted in six different EU countries (Belgium, Estonia, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, and UK) that aim to demonstrate how OGD and LOSD may be exploited and lead to co-created data-driven public services. The aim of this ongoing research paper is to provide an overview of the OGI co-creation framework and methodology as well as present the current stage of the six different pilots and how OGD/LOSD has thus far allowed for co-creation to take place and public value to be created.