Keegan McBride, Maarja Toots, Tarmo Kalvet, Robert Krimmer
McBride, K., Toots, M., Kalvet, T., Krimmer, R. (2018). "Open Government Data Driven Co-Creation: Moving Towards Citizen-Government Collaboration". EGOV-CeDEM-EPART 2018. Krems, Austria (Forthcoming).
Publication year: 2018

It is believed that co-creation may lead to public service quality improvements, the provision and creation of new and innovative services, and bring public service providers closer to their service users. There has been an increased interest and focus on how new technological innovations are enabling and facilitating co-creation; one such digital innovation is open government data (OGD). This paper examines a relatively new concept, that of co-created OGD-driven public services and aims to understand how the availability and exploitation of OGD to co-create new public services allows service users to become collaborators rather than customers of public service providers. An exploratory case study is conducted on a pilot project within Estonia where a new public service has been co-created through the exploitation of OGD. The initial results show that in order for an OGD-driven public service to be effectively co-created, a new understanding of the role of stakeholders is needed.