Keegan McBride, Gerli Aavik, Tarmo Kalvet, Robert Krimmer
McBride, Keegan, Gerli Aavik, Tarmo Kalvet, and Robert Krimmer. "Co-creating an Open Government Data Driven Public Service: The Case of Chicago’s Food Inspection Forecasting Model." In Proceedings of the 51st Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. 2018.
Publication year: 2018

Large amounts of Open Government Data (OGD) have become available and co-created public services have started to emerge, but there is only limited empirical material available on co-created OGD-driven public services. To address this shortcoming and explore the concept of co-created OGD-driven public services the authors conducted an exploratory case study. The case study explored Chicago’s use of OGD in the co-creation of a predictive analytics model that forecasts critical safety violations at food serving establishments. The results of this exploratory work allowed for new insights to be gained on co-created OGD-driven public services and led to the identification of six factors that seem to play a key role in allowing for a OGD-driven public service to be co-created. The results of the initial work also provide valuable new information that can be used to aid in the development and improvement of the authors’ conceptual model for understanding co-created OGD-driven public service.